A full examination of the job system and use of the new additions to the Bravely battle system.. Post-game dungeons, Ba'al strategies, bosses and other content. Well, this is new. The Dark Knight is a job in Bravely Default.It is obtained by defeating Alternis Dim aboard Grandship.. A supreme powerhouse revolving around darkness, the Dark Knight's best defense is an overwhelming offense coupled with natural bulk. Below is a list of all Time Magic spells: Without further ado, land the Rubadub in the lake and sail next to Grandship to enter it. So, minor spoiler, but during chptr 5 you can get all the asterisk you missed on the choice sidequests. Use them to set the pace of battle.Official site's description. It is obtained after defeating Eloch Quentis Khamer VIII at the palace of Ancheim. The fourth-dimension is but a plaything to this time-manipulating mages. Don’t play around and zap both with a liberal dose of lightning. The Knight has high defensive potential and is somewhat combat-focused. Or if you have a Pirate, you can lower the Anchorite’s magic attack. In addition, they have many attacks that deal dark-based damage. The Black Mage specializes in Black Magic, and boasts a variety of damage dealing spells and status-changing spells. The Anchorite starts by pre-emptively using Charybdis to drop your party’s physical and magical attack and he will cast it again every now and then. Annoyingly, the Anchorite has high physical and magical defences, so he can take a long time to take down. Edea in particular won’t have any of this and storms out of the tavern to get some answers. Gallant warriors skilled at physical attack and defense. Also Time Magic is Spell craftable, so you can Reraise the entire party in one go. Finally, flip open the chest at the end for a Mage Shell and use a Teleport Stone to quickly return to the entrance. When you’re ready to depart, check the door along the south. Handy for zapping any robots or fish you’re struggling to handle. Remoras use Spray to deal water damage to one and pierce Default. In the Markets, run to the far west and check the corner below the Trader for an Ether . Finally, Dark Stompers can use Veilga to boost their party’s evasion or Fear to instill dread on one. From the south-east corner, head north first to reach a chest containing a Pantheon’s Wrath . Thief>Red Mage 97-16 Swordmaster>Summoner 33-16 White Mage