Sep 19, 2015 - Enjoy this positive affirmations for kids free printable and find out how I help my kids get a great start each and every day. Never should affirmation cards be used for punishment, in time out, or in relation to any bad behaviour. There are studies that show that we can maintain our self-esteem and integrity by telling ourselves – affirming, positive thoughts. Here’s a handy list of positive affirmations to tell your kids. I knew how much I needed them to break my cycle of negative thinking, so I figured I’d help her start on the right foot by doing them with her at an early age. One of the most valuable lessons affirmations offer, is being comfortable looking at yourself in the mirror and learning positive self-talk (talking to yourself with kindness and positivity). 101 Affirmations for Children. They help them develop a healthy sense of self as well as a positive mental-social-emotional mindset. This is the most effective way to say an affirmation and learning to do this as a child makes it much easier to do. Nurturing their authentic self and helping them to enjoy the magic of childhood. Put simply, an affirmation is to affirm to one’s self. Liz SanFilippo Hall is a work-at-home mama who runs on caffeine and Reese’s peanut butter cups. Healthy development means that children of all abilities, including those with special health care needs, are able to grow up where their social, emotional and educational needs are met. We can also target some for the purposes of having an easier time with their school work. Soothing Podcast for Affirmations, Infused with Self-Love, Available 24/7. It puts pressure on performance. Think about it. Growing up as a kid can be a tough ride. While her two kids sleep (or, when she steals a minute or two for herself), she blogs about parenting and the work-at-home life on, our thoughts, on average, can be up to 70% negative. I can do whatever I focus my mind on. You need to make them work. Keeping a positive mind is essential. (You can never tell them this enough.) You are worthy of all the good things in life. Positive affirmations can help in such cases. Copy and paste into the notes on your phone so you have them handy. Posted Dec 31, 2020 Many of us find it hard to look at our reflection without being critical, judgmental, or negative about ourselves. In other words, with affirmations, you are creating new, positive beliefs and repeat them to yourself until they replace your old ones. If your affirmation is "I am wonderful just the way I am", and you are told you are stupid, the affirmation will be recalled remind you of your belief. But if you believe you can, you will. I look forward to taking tests. It's a quick, simple one step process and you also get access to a load of other extras including an affirmation list builder that will help you succeed with your positive affirmations. How you phrase affirmations plays a role in ensuring their success or failure. They can help you believe in yourself, feel happy and help you to feel better when you are angry or sad. Affirmations are a powerful and holistic way of building a positive mind and happier children. Positive affirmations for children can do a lot to assist them in developing healthy self esteem. I can do anything I put my mind to. Use them to help children be the best that they can be and to nurture happy and positive feelings. Affirmations should be developed based on your intimate knowledge of each of your children. Children that are visually impaired will use this technique. Positive affirmations should always be introduced in a fun and exciting way. Many of us find it quite confronting to look ourselves in the eyes, let alone say “I love you” as we do. Looking for some positive words of affirmation for your kids? Negative beliefs can impact our lives greatly and can be hard to shift as we grow older. You may find that this allows you the chance to discuss emotions or issues that they may be experiencing, opening doors for conversation. Nothing will distract me from studying. As affirmations are such a wonderful tool, it is important not to bring a negative tone to them. Working together on your affirmations may just have you shine together. I believe in you. What is also noted is the effect they have on your mood and feelings. Once we have matured, it is hard to change those foundations. If you like what we're doing here at SandZ Academy and would like to make a donation to help us create more videos, we appreciate it! Genuine affirmation is an essential ingredient in child development. Affirmation Pod - The World's #1 Affirmations Podcast! Affirmations for better study habits. Don't you enjoy when you hear something positive, especially when it's about or for you and it builds your confidence? Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. In the eye of the storm, I remain calm. You may like to do your affirmations together. As important as it is for parents to encourage, love and support their children, it is just as important that children learn to create these positive emotions within themselves. Daily, I communicate to my children … I definitely recommend tailoring them to things or ideas you know your children are struggling with. I feel proud of what my children have become. You could also take a little time to discuss the affirmation and how your child feels about it. I love you. Children with affirmation in their lives tend to achieve at higher levels in school, have better interactions with peers, and ultimately develop a stronger self-image. It is essential that we learn to take control of our beliefs and the younger that we learn, the easier it is. Developing positive affirmations should be a personal affair. I hug my children daily and demonstrate my love in other ways as well. If we feel we are worthless, we will behave like we are worthless. After all, it’s never too early to start a habit of positive thoughts. Saying positive phrases to yourself can also help you move through tricky situations. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Stop bullying & nurture inclusion by teaching SEL, kindness & mindfulness at your school, “Affirmation takes advantage of our reward circuits, which can be quite powerful. Be specific about the affirmation that makes your child unique and special. I trust my children to live by the values I have instilled in them, even in my absence. But her words, “I can’t”, hit me particularly hard. For children to learn positive self-talk from a young age, helps prevent self-criticism, as a strong and positive belief system has already been created from within. I choose to make studying a priority. You can train your brain to think in a more positive and beneficial way to promote wellbeing. Proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep al… Currently you have JavaScript disabled. It is very empowering for a child to create positive thoughts and feelings of self-worth, so it is much harder for people to tear them down. Let’s try them and see what we think!” "Affirmations encourage kind and happy ways of thinking, you will remember them when you need them most.". As she saw other young children suffering with low self-confidence, bullying, negative self-image, anxiety, effects of divorce or unhappy family dynamics, she wanted to create a tool to help them through these tough times. Nurturing their authentic self and helping them to enjoy the magic of childhood. Resilient children come from adverse and sometimes traumatic upbringings. Where's the other 45 Children Affirmations? My study habits are getting better every day. Having a safe and loving home and spending time with family―playing, singing, reading, and talking―are very important. I let go of all distractions. Perhaps even write a long list of their qualities to help boost their confidence and help them to recognize their values. It’s life-changing, because. An affirmation is something you say … This leads to the next benefit of affirmations. Here is the list of 101 positive affirmations that kids and young adults can say to themselves. Affirmations are the most powerful when we say the words to ourselves whilst looking into a mirror. Keep it fun and encouraging. Supporting Children to Stop Bullying. AUTHOR: Roxanne Wilkins - Nurture Cards Roxy created Nurture Cards in 2009 after her own personal and family struggles with her young children. It will also help if you were to lead by example and read the affirmations as well. As we grow, we can develop a habit of criticising ourselves, harming our own self-confidence and lowering our resilience. For these kids, and other children, teaching them the use of affirmations is another tool in their coping skills tool kit and can teach children who may never have learned to regulate their emotions a new way to self-soothe. Without a positive belief, you may take on the one you just heard and start to believe that you are stupid. 3. I understand that children constantly need motivation and I try to be their main source of motivation and inspiration. You may choose positive affirmations to motivate yourself, encourage positive changes or boost your self-esteem. I struggle with telling myself negative things about my own capabilities (parenting and otherwise), and have for as long as I can remember… and here I saw my daughter doing the same thing at the very impressionable age of two. Add several of your own. Positive affirmations are a great way to offer positive programming for children struggling with anxiety or other emotions they are working on. Creating an inner confidence as children can shape our whole life. Tailor them to what your child needs. It comes with a lot of fun, but at the same time, children are also facing many difficulties, troubles, and fearsanxieties that are often difficult to understand for us as parents. 2. There is much research on how the heart and mind are wired to communicate and how a happy and positive mind can improve overall health. I also have other resources for improving sleep and self-esteem. Purchase Our Full Curriculum, Modules or School Resources, The Benefits of Kindness and Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom, Why Teaching Kindness in Schools Is Essential to Reduce Bullying, Year-level or Whole School SEL Curriculum, Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) Store – Classroom Resources, How Positive Affirmations for Kids Help Improve Emotional Wellbeing, The evidence behind positive affirmations, What we think about ourselves, is how we develop, Introducing your children to affirmations, Free Mindfulness Meditation Activities & Apps for Kids with Anxiety, How to Use Classroom Circles to Build Community and Reduce Bullying, Character Building & Wellbeing Resources for Back to School Distance Learning, Inspiring Kindness Trees Found in Schools, Who's Going to Save the Bully? It affects our ability to learn and participate at school, socially, creatively, our relationships, achieving our goals and dreams, and most importantly our standards. Another way of using parent affirmations is through hypnosis CDs or MP3 downloads. One of the key psychological theories is ‘self-affirmation theory’ (Steele 1988). Uniting a class with a quick two-minute affirmation at the start of a school day could make the world of difference to troubled children. The early years of a child’s life are very important for his or her health and development. And start focusing on your positive qualities? If we believe that we are special and loved, we will behave like we are special and loved. Affirmations are more effective when repeated and it's best to repeat an affirmation 3 times, saying the words louder and with more confidence each time. 3. I am capable and confident. It can be as simple as affirming the positive beliefs that we would like to grow up with. Affirmations for children can be hugely beneficial as the messages are designed to calm worries, encourage successes and increase positive thoughts in their life. I can easily focus on what I`m learning. Starting with the phrase of “I am” is powerful, but not required when doing affirmations, but keeping it in the present tense helps. This helps affirm the belief. “Affirmations teach you new and positive ways of thinking. Powered by Mai Theme, The words reverberated across the room. They will carry these valuable affirmations with them throughout life. If you find that your children feel it is difficult to look into the mirror to say their affirmations, it is best not to push them. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Follow Nurture Cards on Instagram. How to Create Positive Affirmations that Really Work If you do them correctly, positive self-affirmations can change your life. It includes ideas for an affirmation circle, fill-in-the-blank games, and even positive thoughts breathing. Make today the day that you try affirmations with your children. Another way to introduce affirmations to your children is to place affirmation cards around the house in areas that they will see them. I love studying. Affirming positive messages are like acts of kindness and love towards themselves that build self-esteem and self-belief which will stay with them throughout their life. If you believe you can’t,  you won’t. As you are aware, hypnosis is a powerful way of influencing the subconscious. If you often find yourself getting caught up in negative self-talk, positive affirmations can be used to assist you. Instead, you will think, "I’m not stupid, I am wonderful!”. It’s important to help kids and young adults build that positive voice overtime with lots of practice. Positive words that are absorbed by the mind to create your belief system. They are a simple tool that can literally turn around your habitual negative thoughts. Child development involves the biological, psychological and emotional changes that occur in human beings between birth and the conclusion of adolescence.The main 3 stages of life include early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence. It is the fun loving, playful, wonder seeking entity that resides within us. With little self-confidence, we often lower our standards or ‘settle’ for what we believe is achievable. This is why affirmations are so important to help children develop positive foundations on which to grow. The inner child is often described as the artistic, creative, imaginative and dreamer part of us. If they seem to struggle with an affirmation you may like to continue working on that one longer. The Science of Learning and Teaching at Home: An SRCD Virtual Issue. Some children may prefer to work on the affirmations on their own and this is ok too. This can be really difficult when children are dealing with anti-social behaviour. Affirmations To Face Your Fears. There is MRI evidence that shows certain neural pathways are increased in the prefrontal cortex when people practice self-affirmations. I´ve read affirmation examples that state things like “I´m the smartest boy” “I´m the best at sports”. I am fearless and strong. The following affirmations are as if you are speaking to your child. Children using affirmations under the age of 5 or 6 when they're not yet reading, can be read the words by their parents for them to repeat. More so, positive thoughts can help children make better […], Your email address will not be published. It is important to show respect for your child and their feelings and not to push them too hard if they're feeling uncomfortable. My mind is sharp and focused. Affirmations To Build Self Confidence. If you wish to change your adult behaviour, then affirmations for the inner child can help you. On the mirror in the bathroom is a great spot or on the breakfast table. You are a wonderful listener. “I can do this!”. As your child gets older you can have them practice saying these affirmations to themselves interchanging “you” with “I”. 11 COVID Safe Acts of Kindness to Make a Difference on World Kindness Day, 6 Ways to Use Movement for Social and Emotional Development During Covid-19, 10 Week Kindness Challenge for Kids – Week 10, 10 Week Kindness Challenge for Kids – Week 9, 10 Week Kindness Challenge for Kids – Week 8. Even at an early stage, children should learn that they need to be positive about themselves. But start saying what you can do? Tell your kids a couple of them a week. To gain instant access to the other 45 Children Affirmations, and 42493 other proven positive affirmations, you need to sign up using the form below. Affirmations are a powerful and holistic way of building a positive mind and happy children. I actually don´t like that type of statement. It’s one of the reasons I love reading “The Little Engine That Could” with my kids. Building your children up with positive affirmations is a great way to show them you care. my daughter. Only taking a few minutes each day. encourage the development and cultivation of a positive view of self and others; Affirmation cards for homeschool kids are specifically designed to address problems and concerns that kids face in a homeschooling environment. “Affirmation takes advantage of our reward circuits, which can be quite powerful. Many studies have shown that these circuits can do things like dampen pain and help us maintain balance in the face of threats.”- Christopher Cascio, PhD. Whether you want to offer your own words of encouragement for kids or you want to teach them encouraging words they can repeat to themselves, continue reading for a great selection of powerful and positive affirmations for kids. We all develop our belief systems about ourselves and the world around us from our environment, such as our family and friends, role models, television, magazines and advertising. I appreciate you. Why Do Homeschool Kids Need Affirmations? Most of these affirmations can be used by any child, homeschooled or not. Affirmations are still very effective by just reading the words aloud to yourself. Affirmations to do better on tests. On the contrasting side of life – life without affirmation – there is no research that finds children without affirmation … You have a higher chance of success when your affirmations are specific and explanatory. Affirmations also provide us with the opportunity to learn to look at ourselves in the mirror. Positive affirmations for children (and mantras) are terrific tools that children can use to support themselves. In this article, we have gathered 105 affirmations for kids to serve as their daily source of positivity and happiness. I am strong, smart, and successful. I am awesome. By incorporating affirmations in positive moments will help influence your child’s perspective about themselves. Required fields are marked *. You may like to work on one affirmation a day or one a week, depending on how confident your child is with each affirmation. The more an affirmation is repeated, positive or negative, the stronger it becomes. Child Development works on a consultancy basis at different International schools in North and South Holland. I am harnessing my inner peace and power. Young children introduced to this concept feel more comfortable and far less confronted looking at themselves in the mirror.