They come in medium soft, medium, and medium hard... HB Medium Oboe Reed A reed … Our favorite models are the T9M1 and Cupronickel Plated one. These reeds are well balanced and the tone is well... EB Pro Oboe Reeds They play well in tune and are made beautifully. Légère European Scrape oboe reeds respond instantly and are ready to play straight from the box. Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Oboe Reeds store. Loree is the most common oboe brand used by professionals. Someone playing an oboe that is “bad”, but who has a good reed, could easily sound much better than someone playing a very good oboe with a very bad reed. We’ll start with an overview of the best oboes for beginners, intermediate players, and professional players. I have subbed in major orchestras on both the oboe and English horn. Description Be Happy oboe-ing. The added features in this RS Berkeley series makes the … Professional Oboe Reeds Oboe reed sanitation against COVID-19 My A.Lakota professional oboe reeds are made with a focus on function first and then finished to have a full resonant sound. The oboes produce a rich and full tone, with excellent sound projection that works well in all performance situations. The oboe can also be used for intermediate and professional purposes. Reed Buying Guide. Reliable, fast delivery. $27.00. ... so don’t settle for getting by—demand the best and MKL will deliver. This is a professional hand-made American scrape reed. We’ll then list the remainder of our recommended oboe brands below in the order that we recommend them. They carry Fox, Selmer, Yamaha, Buffet, and Jupiter, just to name a few. Description Flipping from D flat to E flat quickly is the … • Complete starter kit. Announcements. RS Berkeley makes great student oboes, especially on the introductory level. You can expect about two emails from us per month. European Scrape Oboe Reed. Buying an oboe is a little different than buying some types of other instruments. Each email is filled with useful information and research on reeds and reed making, accompanied by discounts, so you can save money and make the right decisions. ammoon is a well-known beginner instrument brand and they make great student oboes that are quite affordable. Oboe players can choose either a Standard or AK (American) bore. Shape: Jeanne... Légère Synthetic Pro Oboe Reed $26.00. • Look amazing I'm going to be recommending Sweeney Oboe Reeds to all the oboists I know - her reeds … Join the Hodge Products community! Description Bill Parrish Medium Oboe Reed Included accessories like a French-style professional instrument case, a silk swab and cork grease bring even more value to this already outstanding oboe outfit. NEW ARRIVAL Quick View. Professional Oboe Reed - Burgundy. Good Tone Guild Rookie Oboe Reeds Description Good Tone Guild Rookie Oboe Reeds were originally designed by Meg Cassell. However, they need to be... Sign up for our newsletter to receive specials and up to date product news and releases. Another option is to buy a used oboe – as long as it is still in good shape, there is nothing wrong with buying a used instrument and you might be able to save some money. • Quality These quality oboe reeds are also the best choice for students, as beginners will get much better results from these than machine-made and mass-produced reeds. I have been making high quality oboe reeds for close to 20 years! 704-651-2629. Student Oboe Reeds. Description Features: The material from which the oboe is made, the age of the instrument, its mechanical condition, your playing environment, frequency of use, price, resale value, your level of accomplishment just to name a few! • High-quality sound. We believe that Student oboe reeds and student bassoon reeds should function well, and allow students to … Professional Oboe Reed - Hot Pink. That way you will be able to make an informed decision when buying an oboe. Oboes (especially wooden oboes) are handmade, and even within each brand, there is a lot of variation from instrument to instrument. For instance, RDG Woodwinds is a company that sells reeds, reed making materials, music, and instruments. • Beautiful sound ammoon is a great oboe brand for beginners since the instruments only cost a few hundred dollars instead of thousands and act as great introductory oboes for students to test whether they want to continue playing oboe. Another one of these third party sellers is Midwest Musical Imports, which carries new instruments from Lorée, Marigaux, Howarth, Buffet, and Fox, as well as used instruments, and many of the other products (reeds and reed supplies) that RDG sells. Shop Magic Reed. Sold Out. The oboes recommended here are all manufactured by reputable brand names, built from high quality materials to facilitate great sound production, accurate tuning and smooth key response. These commercially-made Pisoni oboe reeds are made in an American scrape and are very responsive. Oboe Reed (Professional) Price $30.00. $31.00. Hopefully, this means that if you decide to start playing oboe then you are more likely to keep playing for a while. These reeds are now made to Meg's specifications by Advantage USA. Pastiche reeds are the most consistent cane reeds I’ve ever tried, especially the medium hard. Oboe Reeds - Gold Professional. Quality hand made oboe reeds and English horn reeds for professionals and students. Student model oboes are usually made of plastic – which makes maintaining the instrument much, much easier and means you don’t have to worry as much about weather changes or cracking. They have mostly professional models, and also a student instrument. Student instruments also often have a few fewer keys, as well – they don’t have a left-F key, or a low-B-flat key. Yamaha is definitely notable and worth giving a look at if you’re looking for an instrument. This reed is extremely popular, and one of the most popular … As soon as I took them out of the packaging, they had a beautiful, rich tone, no extra scraping required. These oboe reeds are beefier then most, and best for advanced to expert players. These are not usually much of a problem to do without as a young player, though intermediate and advanced players will definitely need those keys eventually, and will probably prefer the sound of a wooden instrument. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program – it is designed to provide an aid for the websites in earning an advertisement fee – by means of advertising and linking to products. We draw from our best cane inventory to create a true professional structure which is capable of beautiful musical shape and expression. 5 out of 5 stars (5) 5 reviews $ 28.50. Our oboe reeds are dark-sounding, yet CUT THROUGH any orchestras or ensembles. When finished, the length of the reeds goes from 69 to 69.5mm so they can produce a “C” crow at 4.40. I teach extensively and am aware of what works for people, not just myself, in a reed: Tone, Pitch, Stability. Magic Reeds are nationally recognized for their warmth, stability and playability. Quick View. ... intermediate, and professional level oboe reeds. Oboe Reeds. Ready to buy oboe reeds that are simply the best? Oboe Reeds - Gold Professional. "Lucarelli" shape, which is the combination of the "Mack-1" and "Bloom" shapes. These reeds are now made to Meg's specifications by Advantage USA. $25.00 each. Description Favorite Add to More colors Oboe Reed Plushie/Amigurumi Oboe Reed/Oboe Reed Gift ReedsByMegan. When considering buying a used oboe, make sure that someone you trust is helping you try out the oboe and decide if it is of good quality. Bjorklund Reedworks Student Oboe Reeds are great for beginner to intermediate levels of players looking for a responsive, stable, and in tune reed. Our reeds are responsive and stable with impeccable intonation and a beautiful. Oboist, Ann Hodge has tried reeds from each of the reed makers whose reeds are offered at Hodge Products. Feel free to get in touch with us for more info, anytime! Oboe reeds V9 professional model,medium,it is suitable for more than 4 years,the price is for one piece. We have listed our favorite oboe brands below. Welcome to Best Oboe Reeds Welcome to Best Oboe Reeds Welcome to Best Oboe Reeds Shop Now. Welcome to Best Oboe Reeds Best Oboe Reeds Best Oboe Reeds Best Oboe Reeds Best Oboe Reeds. Professional Oboe Reed - Blue. Visit her blog post "Oboe Reeds: What Oboe Reed Should I Buy" for a comprehensive commentary and comparison of reeds from each reed maker. • Highly rated Buffet is most widely known for being a maker of top-quality professional clarinets, but they also make a few models of oboe. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Price $10.25. They have a wide variety of levels and prices for models that range from student to professional models, some that are made of plastic, and some made of wood. English Horn Reed. • Hand-crafted. They also have many other models, including some impressive professional instruments and more beginner models. Partially Scraped Oboe Reed. Learn how we take care to make oboe reeds for students, intermediates and professionals that really work to help you play and sound better. Like most woodwind instruments, the type of material used to make the instrument is a big factor in how it sounds. Choosing your oboe is a very personal experience with many things to consider along the way. These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly. AMERICAN-SCRAPE REED UPDATE: The American-scrape reed is getting closer to being finished. We recommend the d’Amore model. Features: Jiayouy 5Pcs Oboe Reeds Medium Soft Oboe Reed with Plastic Storage Case/Tube Woodwind Instrument Accessories Black. They have some new instruments from Loree, Marigaux, and Buffet, as well as used instruments from those makers as well as various others. People often buy oboes from third-party sellers. We carry a selection of professional handmade oboe reeds for the most discerning of players. Features: Handmade Oboe Reeds For Students and Professionals. From shop HainesOboeReeds. The oboes are well-priced for the quality. Oboe Reeds For Sale. Best Oboe Brands. Perfect for beginning oboists, this oboe reed is light, vibrant, and easy to play. We’ll start with an overview of the best oboes for beginners, intermediate players, and professional players. Price $34.00. We’ll then list the remainder of our recommended oboe brands below in the order that we recommend them. I offer oboe reeds and English horn reeds. Magic Reed Handmade Professional Oboe Reeds are best in class. Best Sellers in. We have listed our favorite oboe brands below. A reed for the professional player. Make sure to check out Fox's other professional oboes: the … It has a focused, dark tone, and excellent pitch and response in all registers. Description The tone can be described as warm and dark across the board. They are available in medium and medium hard. Pastiche reeds are the most consistent cane reeds I’ve ever tried, especially the medium hard. Low prices and flat rate shipping. If the instrument is used but has been well taken care of, it could very well be worthwhile. Use this list as a guideline for which oboe brands to buy. Add to Cart. Professional Oboe Reed - Kiwi. The main difference between the medium and MH... Pisoni Student Oboe Reeds - Medium This oboe maker is based in Paris and has a few different professional models. That said, most people who start playing the oboe start on a different instrument first. The oboe is a double reed instrument in the woodwind family and an essential member of large ensembles such as orchestras, bands as well as smaller chamber ensembles. Loree oboes are made in Paris from the highest-quality materials and produce a beautiful tone that fits any performance situation.