At Jerry’s Broken Drill and Tap Removal service we specialize in the metal disintegration or extraction of the repair of all types of broken fasteners. If you break it, Eric can get it out and get you back to stock. Don't panic, you found the BOLT GUY! We are your last resort broken bolt, drill, tap repair shop. Many times people attempting to remove a broken bolt by drilling it out results in the drill bit breaking or easy-out getting stuck within a broken bolt. can be removed without damage to surrounding material. Tap and Bolt Removal Service. Extraction Service We offer a service of extracting seized or broken / snapped Injectors, Glow Plugs, Bolts, Studs and Thread Repairs. We can also spark erode broken off taps, easy outs and glow plugs and also hydraulically and mechanically pull out seized common rail injectors from diesel engines. Bring in or ship us your broken part. R700 Receiver Blueprinting ($150) We can remove broken spark-plugs and repair spark plug threads if necessary. We drill out broken bolts and where required fit wire thread inserts to restore a thread back to original size. Jerry’s offers broken bolt, tap, drill, stud repair. We have been a recognized part of Santa Ana and Orange County for superior service and repair of broken taps, bolts, bits and studs. Sometimes using a Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit can make your problem much worse. Our electric discharge machining service is located in Orange County California but we ship anywhere in the Untied States. Mobile Service: 0402 106 388 Specializing in broken bolt removal and thread repairs. The unique thing about this service is broken items are removed without damage to the surrounding metal. We can remove the majority of injectors, glow plugs, bolts and studs, having all of the required tooling to provide an economical repair. Drills from .030 to 3″ in diameter can be removed while maintaining size and depth. Jerry’s specialize in the removal or extraction of broken taps, broken bolts, broken drills, broken studs, broken spark plugs, broken easy-outs, & broken lug bolts. Broken Taps and bolts from 0-80 to 3″ diameter can be removed without damage to threads. • Helicoils, keenserts and custom repairs. Our electric discharge machining service is located in Orange County California but we ship anywhere in the Untied States. Business Name: Tap and Bolt Removal Service, 2689 Monument BlvdConcord, CA 94520(925) 357-9244, Services: Oil Change and Lube, AC and Heating Repair, Alignment, Alternator and Starter Repair, Auto Inspection, We come to you!Mobile MechanicPleasant Hill, CA 94523(888) 727-9442, Services: Oil Change and Lube, AC and Heating Repair, Alternator and Starter Repair, Auto Repair, Brake Repair, We come to you!Mobile MechanicConcord, CA 94521(888) 727-9442, 1505 Rishell DriveConcord, CA 94521(925) 682-2281, © 2021 | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy. Unlike dealerships and privately owned auto service shops, mobile mechanics do not have overhead. Diesel injectors hydraulically extracted using the best equipment including Pichler and others to stay ahead of the game, with a 99.9% success rate. Think of Jerry’s before you think your part or equipment is junk, scrap or trash. Broken or seized studs? Broken Bolt Removal; Metal Disintegration ; Stud Removal ; Thread Tapping; Broken Spark Plug Removal ; On-Site Mobile Operations; 24 Hr. If it worth more than $75 then send it to Jerry’s to get it fixed. • Spark plug thread repair and removal of broken plugs 10mm x 1mm, 12mm x 1.25mm and 14mm x 1.25mm. If your drill bit disintegrated, we can get it out! We use the latest equipment and tooling to easily drill and tap studs out without touching the threads. See if this shop performs a service or works on a specific vehicle. Action Thread Repairs provide a mobile thread repair service for cars and all automotive components. Write a Review for Tap and Bolt Removal Service. Jerry’s offers broken bolt, tap, drill, stud repair. Our bolt disintegration machine will remove virtually any broken bolt, broken tap, broken drill, broken spark-plug, broken stud. Most commonly EDM effectivly removes broken bolts, broken drills, broken sparkplugs, broken ez outs, and broken taps. Call (925) 676-0444 to book an appointment or to hear more about the services of Tap and Bolt Removal Service. Broken items such as bolts, EZ-Outs, taps, drills, reamers, dowel pins, … Step 1 Dispatched to an oil refinery during a recent shutdown. Broken drills, taps, easy-outs, reamers and studs can be removed from military, aircraft, commercial and automotive parts. See if this shop performs a service or works on a specific vehicle. After you’ve tried everything and just want to get the job done, call us! With affordable prices and a friendly atmosphere we provide a guaranteed locking wheel nut removal service. Our ELECTRIC DISCHARGE MACHINING (EDM) is the only fast and efficient way of removing broken tools like taps, drills, and fasteners. Mobile Service Available Ace of Dents provides the best service around for all your automotive repair needs, and can service at any location in the Bergen County and Hudson County areas. The METAL DISINTEGRATOR MACHINE (MDM) (aka) ELECTRIC DISCHARGE MACHINE (EDM) was designed and manufactured specifically for removing broken tools and fasteners. 24 hours Call Out Number: 083 314 5051 (Richards Bay) You can ship the part to us or request a quote for an on site repair. Find 67 listings related to Broken Bolt Extractor in Lomita on We provide both mobile and in-house service to the automotive, watercraft and manufacturing industries as well as individuals. In-Situ Machining has extensive experience with in-place stud removal. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Broken Bolt Extractor locations in Lomita, CA. Mobile bolt extraction service - Melbourne 20-08-15, 09:00 PM. We travel to you covering Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset repairing your threaded component in-situ. EDM removal will penetrate any material that will conduct electricity, capable of producing blind or through holes. Whether you have a domestic truck or a foreign vehicle, we can handle the general automotive parts repairs efficiently and quickly. Broken Bolt Removal Service Process. We can fix it! • Removal of ceased glow plugs and injectors. On most services, they can save you 20-30%. We are a full service machine shop specializing in the removal of Broken Tooling & Fasteners. Stud removal services were needed to remove hundreds of stripped studs on several gate valves. That’s in addition to providing you a convenient service! We’re specialists in METAL DISINTEGRATOR MACHINING (MDM) also known as the ELECTRIC DISCHARGE MACHINE (EDM). Welcome to Grafton Machine Service, LLC. Specialties: Specializing in: - Auto Repair & Service - Machine Shops - Automobile Machine Shop - Automobile Body Repairing & Painting - Die Sets - Die Makers Equipment & Supplies KOT Engineering is a nation wide company situated across South Africa offering an Affordable Thread Repairs service ranging from Bolt Extractions & Helicoil fitment. EDM Electric Discharge Machine Removal Services. R700 Bolt Handle Threading ($80) Thread bolt handle on standard R700 bolt to 5/16-24 to accept one of our custom oversize bolt knobs or any other manufacturer's bolt knobs; R700 Bolt Handle Skeltonizing ($75) Skeltonize R700 bolt handle for reduction in weight as well as improve the appearance of the bolt handle. Tap and Bolt Removal Service located at 20 West Bolton Rd in Concord, CA services vehicles for Engine Repair. Thread Fix offers the professional, mobile, thread repair service, drilling out broken bolts and studs etc. | All Rights Reserved. Broken bolt removal - Broken spark plug removal - Broken glow plug removal - Broken drill & tap removal. 24 hours Call Out Number: 083 653 5771. As efforts surrounding COVID-19 across the Tri-State and the country rapidly evolve, we want you to know that American Movers is an essential service provider, we are open and continue to provide exceptional service to our customers, while keeping our team, families and customers safe. If we managed to extract the bolt via methods 1 or 2, there is a 90% chance the original thread on the component can be retained and re-used safely. Step 2 Here is a close up picture of the broken studs. • Removal of broken crank bolts. When you invest in a peice of equipment, sometimes it pays to fix it instead of junking it. Flat Rate Per Job – Some companies charge a flat rate for the work they do. Holes can be pierced into or thru heat treated material while holding close diameter tolerances. Mobile & In-house repair service. Servicing mechanical workshops, dealerships and the general public of the greater Sydney Metropolitan Area for over 20 years. Tap and Bolt Removal Service located at 20 West Bolton Rd in Concord, CA services vehicles for Engine Repair. Grafton Machine Service,LLC. Broken tap removal; ship your part to us, bring it in or if your in Orange County, we’ll come to you! We are a mobile service which can repair stripped threads, drill out broken off studs and bolts, remove locking wheel bolts. This is a cost and time saving factor for our customers – for example if a bolt, stud or fitting is broken off in a block of an engine they do not need to take the engine out of the vehicle, bus, truck or any other type of machinery, we remove the broken off bolt, stud or fitting with the engine … Jerry’s Broken Drill and Broken Tap Removal has also developed a variety of alternative tooling and equipment for removal and repair. Bolt Extraction Service is a well-established auto repair shop in Mississauga. We offer a range of EDM removal services. Jerry’s is a homegrown family owned Orange County, California business that was founded in 1963. Repairing stripped or damaged Spark plug threads is our specialty. Used by the U.S. Military, Wal-Mart Fleet and many other fleet and maintenance shops. Our Mobile Locking Wheel nuts Remover will remove the faulty Locking Wheel Nut or Bolt and Replace them with High Quality Standard Wheel Nuts or Bolts if required. Time-Sert thread repair (714) 623-3567 . We’ll get it fixed and back to you fast! Jerry’s Broken Drill and Broken Tap Removal has also developed a variety of alternative tooling and equipment for removal and repair. Im after a mobile bolt extraction service or similar in Melbourne South East. Enter the Vehicle & Service that you are looking for. Our mobile units enable us to remove broken bolts and repair stripped or damaged threads on our client’ premises or place of work. Once a bolt is removed, we must carefully clean and inspect the threaded area that the bolt was originally installed to. Removal of Pins, fittings, bolts, bearing races and etc. If you have stripped spark plug thread and have repair questions please call (714) 836-6824. Eliminate the risk of further damaging your threads with outdated methods like double nutting or backwelding. Remove broken bolt - mobile service 24/7 durban and surrounding areas. We Disintegrate a variety of broken tooling and fasteners including but not limited to broken bolts, broken taps, broken drills, broken studs, broken spark-plug’s, and broken ez-outs. Scott's Mobile Welding & Maintenance established in 2012 provides both on and off-site services., specializing in General Engineering, Mobile Welding, Plant Maintenance & Mobile Line Boring in the Agricultural, Transport, Civil, Construction & Resource Extraction sectors. Jerry’s can repair large commercial equipment such as submaries, oil rigs, airplanes, satellites, rockets and aerospace machines. Industrial Specialty Services (ISS), by , delivers safe, smart and reliable integrated mechanical services and solutions to the refining, petrochemical, gas, power, pulp & paper, offshore and subsea markets throughout North and South America as well as other strategic international regions. Other methods of repair are available, welding, plugging and machining. When your equipment is worth it to fix instead of throwing it out, call Jerry’s. We are your final destination, last resort fix it shop for broken tooling, drills, bolts and taps. With home based technicians & fully equipped mobile workshops, we offer our services on-site & in-house, anywhere, anytime. We also provide expert thread repair using solid thread inserts or heli-coils. The Broken Bolt Removal Extraction Kit allows you to remove a broken bolt and salvage the original hole threads in minutes. Mobile thread repairs done on sitePretoria and all surrounding areasWe specialise*BROKEN BOLT AND STUD REMOVAL*REMOVAL OF STRIP LOCK NUTS AND WHEEL STUDS*REMOVAL OF GLOW PLUGS AND STUCK INJECTORS*REMOVAL OF PILOT BEARINGS*REPAIR THREADS *REPAIR SUMP,GEARBOX,DRAIN AND FILLER PLUGS*DRILL AND TAP THREADS*REMOVAL OF BROKEN … Utilizing proven techniques, Ace of Dents can repair an assortment of damages, from door dings, hail damage, bumper dents, minor bumper indentations, and more. PROTHREADS completely mobile and on-site broken bolt removal & thread repairs services most areas of south east Queensland including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich. With a cordless drill and the Broken Bolt Extractor Kit you can remove your broken bolt problem. 951-264-9177 Eric is a mobile EDM and Conventional Removal Specialist. Bolt Torquing; Stud Removal. Emergency Service; Reamer and Bit Removal ; Production Welding and Fabrication; Mill, Lathe, Press Work; Tap Removal; We Serve All * RSO * Insured * North and South America; Oil Refineries; Petrochemical Plants Billing: Hourly Rate – Some companies charge by the hour. We fix spark-plug thread repair problems. After you’ve tried absolutely everything in the book and on the Internet to get that broken drill or tap out, after you’ve given it all you got, after everything has failed, after your Dad, your Grandpa, your neighbor and even Uncle Ted has tried to fix it – call Jerry’s! • Removal of stripped or damaged head studs and head bolts. 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