There are many ways to get involved. Q. Please … Join UNISON. Whatever your problem at work, from broken central heating to ensuring workplaces are COVID safe, UNISON workplace representatives (reps), stewards and other activists work together to protect the interest of members. UNISON’s National Executive Council (NEC), made up of around 60 lay elected members, is the union’s supreme governing body between national conferences. Responsibilities of Your Union Representative Union representatives spend their workday helping members at several workplaces. Three simple ways to join UNISON today: Call us on 0800 171 2193 Join online at Ask your UNISON rep for an application form Published and printed by UNISON, UNISON Centre, 130 Euston Road, London NW1 2AY. The UNISON workplace representative is the most important link between the union and its members. options available to you as a UNISON representative and sets out the training and support you can receive. Harassment started because a member of staff upset me and the rest is history. How do I contact my local representative i.e. Workplace representatives play a number of roles. Join now. Contact the branch office directly by ringing 01244 346894 or email us. Who is my UNISON ERA Steward in my locality. Join UNISON in just 3 minutes - all you need is your bank details and you’re set. National Executive Council Members. … use the internet and email to keep up to date with UNISON issues … find out who in their workplace is a UNISON member … shadow a rep at a grievance or disciplinary meeting … undertake Stage 1 Stewards Training. This is a strange time to be beginning your journey as a UNISON rep, and we’re having to find new ways to deliver the training and support that you need in your role. Rep. You can find out who your local rep is by either contacting your regional office or logging in to My Unite. A. Without representation at workplace level there would be no-one to act as the link between members, the employer and the union and no-one to organise, represent and negotiate on behalf of people in the workplace. Local representatives are important because they are the backbone of their union. So, your total would be $85,580 owed to Unison based on your scenario. UNISON is one of the UK’s largest trade unions, serving more than 1.3 million members. UNISON Scotland has five NEC members selected by postal ballot of all members. A. My unison 'union rep' was now acting on behalf of my boss who were both trying to get me sacked due to harassment not being managed in the workplace. steward? Q. I have a problem but I don't know/have a UNISON rep in my workplace. They are organisers who talk to, recruit and organise members around workplace issues, hold meetings, undertake surveys and help run ballots. The more UNISON members who are confident being visible and active in the workplace, the more power we have to change working conditions and culture for the better. The UFCW 951 voicemail system is always available to members at 1.800.999.0951. Your Unite Rep will provide you with support at work All aspects of working life should be the subject of discussion and agreement between employers and the representatives of the trade union to which their employees belong. Now, that is very expensive, yes, however, it may be preferred to that monthly mortgage payment and the house now being property of the bank, basically vs. a lien on your home from Unison. Click here to download the Trained & Active Plan for activists. You should refer to the list of UNISON representatives. When you have a question or need information, the best way to reach your union representative is by voicemail. You may find that there is a rep that works for the same employer as you or perhaps in the same council directorate or council building even if they don't directly work with you. Join us now Contact your local office at 16 Manchester Chamber, Manchester Street, Oldham, OL1 1LF or … My boss would rather sack me than manage and was being encouraged by unison.